Financial Assistance

Financial Support for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Scholars

The organizing committee of WRaH2017 is pleased to inform that funding from the host to support graduate students and post-doctoral scholars to attend WRaH symposium is now secured. Eligibility for funding, application requirements and submission procedures are outlined below. Please follow the application submission procedure carefully for full consideration of support.

Please follow the application submission procedure carefully for full consideration of support.

Eligibility for Support

Any graduate student registered as a full time masters or doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars at any University or research institution working in the areas of hydrology, precipitation and weather radar research and applications. International students officially registered as full-time students are also eligible to apply. The financial support will include a waived registration fee, expenses for travel and stay with a restriction on the maximum amount that can be awarded to each student or scholar.

A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 is required for graduate students are required.

Application Requirements

All applicants need to fill a formal application that will be provided at the request of an applicant and submit it to the contact person before a specific deadline.

A reference/support letter is required from the student’s thesis adviser or chairperson of the department in which the student is currently enrolled. Post-doctoral scholars are required to send a letter from their adviser or supervisor.

A submission of full-length paper as a first or second author and participation in the conference either through oral or poster presentation is required. A minimum of two-day attendance of WRaH Symposium is required.

All applicants must submit brief curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum. Include academic background, program details, GPA, select presentations, publications, awards, professional activities and two references) with the application.

Graduate students should provide a copy of the unofficial or official transcript of coursework and post-doctoral scholars should provide an official Ph.D. degree completion certificate along with the application.

All applicants need to provide a one page (maximum) essay describing how attending the conference will be helpful to advance their research as well as professional careers and benefit to their current research.

All applicants must disclose any form of financial support they have already received or expect to receive from their respective universities or research institutions for the conference.

Selection of Applicants for Financial Support

Selection of students for support will be based on: a) merit; b) need to secure funds from other sources which are not adequate to meet the costs of attending the conference, and c) eligibility criteria and requirements posted on the WRaH web site.

Qualified students and scholars who are members of underrepresented groups and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Details of award amount and procedures for reimbursement of expenses will be provided to students who are selected for support.

Support Level

A maximum of $900 for students and scholars who are considered international (applicants living outside Korea) and a maximum of $400 for national students/scholars is expected to be available for support.


If an applicant is selected for funding, abstract submission fee and registration fee will be waived at the time of registration.

Applicants who are funded are required to make their own travel and stay arrangements initially using their personal funds.

Reimbursements of monies for travel and other expenses up to the maximum amounts specified for national applicants will be made after the completion of the symposium.

Original receipts for all the expenses are required for all the reimbursements.

Funded applicants should fill-up paper work at symposium venue and provide social security numbers and other required information to initiate the reimbursement process. Details will be provided later.


Application form can be provided at the request of an applicant via email address:

Applicants need to submit the application along with all supporting documentation as one PDF (Adobe portable document format) document via email address:

In the subject of the email indicate: “Application for Financial Support”

Application Document Check List

Filled Application.

Curriculum Vitae or Resume (Maximum two pages. This is strict page limit).

Essay or Statement of benefits (one page maximum).

Official or unofficial transcript (for graduate students) and Ph.D. Degree completion proof (Post-doctoral scholars). A copy of Ph.D. degree certificate is required for Post-doctoral scholars.

Reference Letter (provided on letterhead of the department or institution).

All documents or information should be submitted as one PDF document.

Deadline for Submission of Application and all required documents

February 28, 2017, 6 PM at KST.