About Korea University

Contemplating the Future of the University
Nurturing 'Pioneering Intellectuals'; Becoming the University of the Future.

Korea University's history, from its naissance, has been one of pioneering, fostering talented individuals of modernization through new studies. In 1905, as Korea lost its way and became adrift as it confronted imminent Japanese occupation, KU lit a beacon of hope for the Korean nation in the face of impending darkness with its mission “National Salvation through Education”.
Subsequently, in the valley of Anam, the numerous KU students educated with the values of liberty, justice, and truth became pioneers who accomplished Korea's democracy and economic development.
Proud to represent the first institution of higher education founded by a civilian, our collective experience during the past century in which we led the future of the people and the nation is a great heritage that is rarely equaled. However, in the era that we now face, we cannot rely or rest upon this pride.
Universities, constrained by the formulaic formalism of obsolete educational policies, have been reduced to objects of evaluation.
For their part, the youth entrusted to them are having difficulty finding employment and are becoming discouraged.
Our University must effect changes rather than be led by them. In 2015, in the midst of these crises, we again contemplate the future of our education. At this historic juncture, when the future is uncertain as ever, Korea University will nurture 'pioneering intellectuals' who will freely advance across the terrain of uncertainty.
We resolve that Korea University will arise to be the iconic institution of true higher learning that charts the course through the 21st century. Going above and beyond the University that represents Korea and its history, we will transform ourselves into a university that fosters talented individuals who will lead the world into the future.
Without pioneering, there will be no tomorrow. The pioneering road will be accomplished only by innovation in education.
We will not churn out shallow thinkers dispirited in the face of limitless competition. We will become the University that creates and leads our future.

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