About Korea

Seoul, the Capital of S. Korea with 10 World Heritages by UNESCO

Located in the northeastern part of the Asian continent, the Korean Peninsula is divided between north and south, making Korea one of the only divided countries in the world. Korea, traditionally known as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” is today a modern, bustling hub of Northeast Asia. As one of the oldest countries in the world, Korea has its own distinctive language, culture, and history spanning well over 5,000 years. Korea will provide you with the opportunity to feel a distinct scent of oriental tradition.

Seoul, the capital of Korea, is also one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Seoul is not only the center of culture, education, politics, and economics but also has numerous ancient relics and sites. Seoul offers you a great chance to experience Korea’s unique 5,000-year history and modern facilities at the same time.

What is more, Korea has four seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. November, the month of APAMI 2016, is the best time to visit Korea. You may enjoy the beautiful Korean fall including clear blue skies and mild weather. For more information on Korea, please visit the Korea National Tourism Organization’s website (www.knto.or.kr)